“If an action or a thing once complete becomes beneficial in several matters to one person, or to many people, that is known as Tantric”.  Sahara 6th c.
The etymology of the word Tantra is based upon a metaphor of weaving.  The Sanskrit root, Tan, signifies the extension of ‘threads’ in a warp, an interweaving of traditions as ‘threads’ re-woven in a tangled skein.
Tantra, which also means ‘treatise,’ is an accumulation of practices and ideas based on ritual rather than on a coherent system. Small patches of color, shape and texture that are held together by variations on the same, become an extended ‘cloth’ fashioned according to a set of rules.  Rather than improvised or freely created, simple and complex unrelated images co-exist with randomness and the mundane to unearth what is invisibly present in abstract forms. This practice is first for myself and then for those who are going to meditate on its meaning.