Broidery, like constructing a sentence line for line, is ceremonial.   All glitches and faults disrupt predictability and untie something that writes itself anew.

My work seeks to unravel meaning by focusing on the visual components of language. The theoretical connection between image and what it represents is defined by thought but what is not known is the internal organization that occurs by following ideas wherever they lead.  Repetitive actions associated with mechanical reproduction are only ever the beginning of reconciling the relation between thought and what was never imagined. 

 BLK FLDS (puffs) are built upon the illusion of space, the flexibility of the line and what emerges from within the emotional tenor of the picture plane.  Approximating the standard size of a sheet of paper, each ‘page’ is treated as a text inscribed to reflect changes of tempo and lucidity associated with non-verbal expression. Push pins, staples and tape are among the pragmatic elements that bring a rough narrative of the desktop into play and set the tone for expanding the teleological scope of this project. Earlier stages of development persist alongside later. Loose threads and three dimensional folds reminiscent of passementerie (manipulating fabric into shapes or tassels), reintegrate the plasticity of raw material out of a banal landscape and introduce a break of continuity that changes the structure of the image. Breaks, which are the ontological foundation of language, make it possible to receive what comes into view and leave behind a trail of literacy that addresses both the interior and exterior of material production.